Monday, June 19, 2017

Stormy Summer Weather

 Hello all!  It's Miss Emily.  I am very happy in this photo.  Mom moved our scratcher and I love the new location! 
I hogged it all to myself!  Do you see Winston on the floor?!  Ha!   He is going to have to wait a while before I decide to share.

 We have been having some very hot, humid weather again!  Phew! There were even some tornado warnings in nearby counties.   Sometimes our Mom, when she leaves for work, tells us "Guys, if the weather gets bad go into a small interior room.  Like the bathroom!  Stay away from the windows if there is bad weather." That last sentence is mostly for Winston.  When there is a bad storm he likes to run to the windows to see what all the commotion is about!
 After the storms, the sun comes back out, though.
 Good morning purrs from Winston.  Mom says she loves this photo of me even if it is a little dark.  This is how I look when Mom is on the computer and I want her attention.   It gets me what I want almost every time!
Yes, very hot.  Mom is making lots of homemade iced tea.   She says it is very simple and she gets to control the sugar.
Here is the recipe:
 Mom says she actually reduces the amount of sugar and experiments with different tea flavors.
 One of the nice things about the all the rain is that the flowers are blooming!  
A rain drenched peony....
and a daisy.
We hope everyone is staying comfortable and dry!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Winston and the Dog Days of Late Spring--How to Stay Chill

 Good Morning from Winston.  This is an older photo of me trying to stay cool.   Mom says it makes her smile every time she sees it!   Yes, it's very hot and humid out. The weather people have issued heat warnings and everything.
Besides the usual fans and a/c our Mom tries to make sure we stay comfortably cool.  She leaves out water.  Keeps the curtains closed.  She has even been known to gently wipe our fur with a cool, damp cloth.  Ha!  I would like to see her try that with Miss Emily!    What about you?  Does your human have any helpful hints to help us stay cool?

 This photo is from a walk home from work.   The sun is still out!  Mom says that is nice to NOT have to walk home in the dark.
 The purple Allium are blooming!
 Yes, it is me, Winston, again!  
 Mom at  the market.  She likes fresh herbs.  She was even thinking of maybe growing some herself.
 A beautiful tree .  Mom said she loves the sound of the wind rustling the leaves. is Emily!   I try to share our posts.  Not like Emily who sometimes hogs them!
 Emily performing a cooling, but convoluted, yoga pose.

Monday, June 5, 2017

A "Traumatic" Monday for Emily

 Hello kitties.  First off you need to know that this post is all about me...Emily.   Winston can have his turn next week.  You will completely understand why.  Mom took me to the vet's office this morning.  I still need to go in for a monthly grooming because I'm small, but I'm fierce too!
The horror started with Mom putting me in the carrier.

 Here is the carrier.  We are waiting for the cab.  Don't worry, kitties, I made sure Mom paid for her betrayal.  I scratched (her neck)and fought etc.  Then once I was finally inside the roomy carrier I meowed.  Wowzers!   Even I was impressed with my feline vocal stylings!
Mom didn't dare to take any photos of me in the office.  I was too fearsome.  The vet had to call in for reinforcements.  They did find 3 tiny knots.
When were done I ran into the carrier of my own free will!  Then Mom went out to the receptionist's desk to make another appointment for me.
 This handsome black kitty helped to ease a bit of the tension.  Mom thought he was cute.
Also--kitties--I'm starting to trust Mom a bit more.  I will allow her to brush around my head and my mane.  I'm getting better.  I don't know why I go all crazy kitty.
After we finally got home, I showed Mom I forgave her by headbopping her.  She picked me up and said , "Emily, how can I make this easier for you.  I feel bad that you are so frightened"
Then Mom let me sniff her snazzy new red shoes.  Kitties, I love Mom's shoes.  Only Mom puts these new shoes high up on a shelf when she isn't wearing them.  I love them a bit too much and she needs them for sore middle aged feets.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Catnip Tea?

 It's a lazy Sunday for me!   Mostly I've been enthroned on my my new scratching tower but sometimes I like to lie on the chair.  We hope everyone is well!   Are you enjoying spring?
Our daffodils are mostly gone now.  Mom thinks they are very cheerful.

 The tulips seem to be peaking though.  Our Mom likes the pink ones best.
 Recently Mom went out with a friend and she had such yummy scones.  It was a flavor she had never tried before: lime and coconut
 Greetings from Winston!  While Emily seems to enjoy flowers and scones, I tend to be more interested in the small furry creatures Mom sees on her walks.
For instance...these tiny ducklings!

 Or this bunny!   I'm a pretty fierce cat.   I think I could "tag" this bunny.
 We felines also continue to be spoiled by our Grandmum.   Here is another toy that Miss Pearl didn't like.   Another score for us!  It makes a wonderful racket!  There is a tiny blue ball that you can whap and it goes round in a circle.  It's the most fun to whap in the middle of the night.   Ooopss....sorry Mum!
 Sometimes our adorable feline antics might make the Mom feel a bit frazzled so she drinks a bit of tea.   Personally, I don't see why she finds it so relaxing!   I'm investigating and there is no catnip in here!  Emily and I find catnip very relaxing....

Monday, May 22, 2017

Holiday Monday

 Hello.   Can you tell it's me?  Emily?  I'm doing my flirty upside down look.   You are supposed to be distracted by my cute face and not notice I'm on the table.
 Mom was happy to be able to visit a beautiful garden this past week!   Lots of lilacs, dogwood
and more lilacs!'s Winston investigating Mom's tea cup.   Mom has been going on lots of visits and walks this past week.  It wasn't all just cleaning on her time off.  Remember when we mentioned she keeps seeing other cats.  Well, it hasn't stopped.
 Mom said this kitty, who I think looks a bit grumpy, actually started meowing at her and wanted to be cuddled.   *sigh*
 Mom also saw these ducks on a recent walk to the park.  There were six ducklings all together.   Emily and I were very intrigued. 
 I'm going to close with one more flower photo.   We hope everyone had a nice weekend.  If you are a Canadian kitty, we wish you a nice Victoria Day.   Emily doesn't like Victoria Day.  The sound of the fire crackers frighten her!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May Staycation

 Hello.  It's Emily enjoying the view from the credenza in the dining room.   The Mom person is on vacation but I'm not sure she realizes that yet.   She has been cleaning up a storm.  Doesn't she know that when I am forced to move so she can do laundry or dust that I get stressed!
So, OK,  maybe she has done a couple of things on her vacation.  She went to see a movie on Sunday night.  It's a documentary about street cats living in Turkey, it's called Kedi.  

 Mom said it was interesting even though subtitles were a bit of a challenge.  She also said that it was sometimes hard for her to see the situation of the street cats.   The people who lived there took care of them with food, shelter etc but it was still a rough life for them.
Guess what else?  The Mom was able to buy a lemon scone at the theater!  The girl behind the concession stand even let her have a cup of tap water!  Kitties--I fear that my Mom may be prissy.
Who eats a scone during a movie!
 Anyway---I'll pass things on to Winston now!
Hi there!  Do you see this fabulous scratching post?   Our "grandmum" gave it to us.  Her kitty, Miss Pearl, used to like it but then lost interest.   Score for us!  We LOVE it!
Mom also went on a drive with some friends to a restaurant on Monday.
 The restaurant was about 40 minutes away through the most beautiful country side!
 Mom even saw horses!   She said May is one of the most beautiful months.
 The restaurant was very nice, too!  After that they went shopping for a good long while.  The Mom said she got to cross a lot of items from her shopping list.  Only guess what.....she was exhausted after.  She had fun visiting and shopping but she had to rest the entire day after!  Don't worry because Emily  and I took good care of her.
 The sunset on an evening walk.
 A beautiful Magnolia tree...they are starting to fad now.
Guess what else kitties?!  It's me.   Emily.
Mom did buy me a toy!  A tiny little gopher with a fuzzy tail!