Monday, November 20, 2017

Charming the Vet

 Hello from Winston.   Mom worked all weekend.   It was very busy and she is exhausted.   However, she booked today off.  Good thing, too, as I needed to see Dr. B for my annual "once over".   Both the vet and the vet tech were smitten with me today.  They say I am mellowing with age.
 These photos are before the visit began.  I investigated every nook and cranny of the office.
 This window ledge won my official seal of approval.
 Mom wanted to throw this photo of her new umbrella into the post.  Apparently, her old umbrella was destroyed by a fierce wind a few weeks ago.   She ordered a "wind resistant" one from Amazon.   This was her first online order. She says the inside is happy with the daisy and the outside looks demure with just a solid color.
 Hello now from Emily.   This is one of my favorite cozy spots.   Mom says I look very relaxed.
 November is a transitional month.   Almost all of the leaves are gone from the trees.   This was the lone flower in a local community garden.
 An early morning (to work) walk just a few weeks ago.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Snow, Tea and Cuddles

 Good grumpy morning from Winston kitty.  Mom says I look imperious in this photo.  Well, Mom was NOT getting out of bed like I asked her.   I am not used to having my commands ignored in such a way!
 This is why Mom didn't want to get out of bed!  Snow!   We are getting a light dusting of snow.   Mom says it looks pretty against the glowing leaves.  However, she does find it difficult to go outside sometimes.
 Mom thought this cartoon from Calvin and Hobbes pretty much summed up how she felt!   (Don't worry kitties, I know how to handle humans who don't want to leave the comfort of their duvets!)
 Once Mom gets over her initial "winter wimp" factor she enjoys her walks.  These are some pretty dark blue berries on a recent walk.
 A beautiful snow angel !   Are your humans dreading winter?  Sometimes I try to encourage Mom by showing my solidarity!  I just join her.   I ended up snuggling on her cold toes.
 Please excuse the dreadful quality of this photo.  Mom took this photo with her cell phone.  Since the time change, mornings are even darker.
 Purrs from Miss Emily.  I like lounging on the furniture and shedding all over the place.  Mom has started shopping for Christmas.
 She went to David's Tea and bought way too many teas there.  Including this lovely set of 4 different kinds of delicious tea.  Somehow, felines, the tea ended up on her counter and in her teacups instead of the gift cupboard!  How did that happen, I wonder?  (Mom says her favorite flavor so far is sleigh ride!)
 Mom also purchased a new winter coat.   Her current coat is almost 10 years old and had developed a lot of wear and tear.  PLUS--there was no hood.   BRRRR.  Mom said this coat had everything she wanted and it was on sale at almost half price.   Perhaps now she won't be as hesitant to go outside in the wintery weather?!
 Even though we are getting a light dusting of snow there are still glowy autumn leaves. Some trees (not many) are still green.  Mom liked the way the raindrops sparkled on this leaf.
 Winston and I wanted to send you an encouraging thought for the week.  This quote, from Pinterest,  what makes somebody beautiful!  In our eyes, we think somebody beautiful who is kind to us and gives us treats!  (Just saying is all!)
 We will close with these photos of us.  Miss Emily having a comfy snooze.

Monday, November 6, 2017


 Hello felines.  A short post this chilly Monday morning.  Do you like this photo of me, Emily, flirting shamelessly atop the forbidden (ha!) dining room table?  I've discovered that if you act cute you can get away with "some" things.
 The temperature here has fluctuated so much!   We went from 16 C to -2 C.  This may explain why our Mom is drinking tea for colds and dragging about her day.  Don't worry, though, as Winston and I are still energetic!   I'm enclosing this photo of a cute little reading nook at a library.  This isn't our library but a library in a small town.  Our Mom is so geeky that she insists on visiting libraries whenever she can.  Even if she can't get a card there.  Do you know what?  I think that chair could use a few cat scratch rips and a feline curled up on the seat.  Don't you think it would be so much cozier?
 Here is a cozy fireplace.   This fireplace is in the waiting area of Mom's wellness place.   Winston and I would LOVE a cozy fireplace!
 I'm enclosing this quote (from Pinterest) because you humans have this odd, destructive habit.  Sometimes you can be very hard on you?!  What gives?!   Generally speaking, Winston and I have a very healthy sense of self.   Of course, being so lovely, smart, brave and adorable helps.
 Can you see me hiding under the chair??  Poor Winston.  I think he was very confused.  Where is Emily?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Cuddle weather

 Hello all!  Miss Emily today.  I'm hoping everyone had a restful few days off!   It is now quite chilly.  Mom had to finally concede to the weather (and her very cold toes)and switch from sandals to socks and shoes.
She had a 3 day weekend.  It made her very thankful!
Mom went for a walk in the park on Saturday morning.
Even though it was overcast she said it was peaceful.   There were lots of birds singing.  Mom said she could even hear water dripping from the leaves.

There are always ducks!
Some houses near the park were already for Halloween!  Our Mom has a tiny pumpkin.  She also rented from the library the Charlie Brown movie about the Great Pumpkin.  (Mom likes the gentler side of Halloween!)
 Snores from Winston!   Mom was able to catch up on the sleep she missed.   Emily and I are very helpful and very wise.   We show her by example.  Humans can be dense, if you ask me!
Mom slept, took long walks, cooked, read a little, binge watched Rick Steve travel videos and even took the occasional nap! 
Guess what?!  Mom also made homemade hot chocolate with coco and almond milk and stuff.  She tweaked

it a bit.   If it didn't take so long to make she would try it more often!
Mom says thank you to everyone last week who came by to visit and were sending good thoughts.  She appreciates it!  We also tried to help by allowing her to cuddle (Emily) and sleeping on her toes (Winston)  However, we don't want her to think that we will always exert ourselves to such an extent!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Decorate Your Own Soul

 Good morning.  I hope everyone had a good week.   Winston and Emily say "hello"  =)
The weather is still warm for the end of October but is cooler at night.  The leaves are still turning.

 I try to get to park whenever I can.  The walks there soothe me.   I prefer early morning when the world still feels new.   I love it when the sun starts peeping over the horizon and the soft, gold light bathes the tips of the trees in a glow.
 My "foster" Mom loved Charlie Brown.  I still like seeing his comics.   This partcualr one hits close to home!   I'm guessing it holds an appeal for a lot of people.
 I may have posted this photo before but Emily's expression makes me smile.   Such a tiny character!
 This is a seagull flying near the park.  I liked the way the sunlight lit his wings.
 Mist on the lake.
 I bought my first ever macaron.  I took it home and put it on a pretty china plate.   It was expensive, $2.00, so I thought it best to appreciate it before eating it.   This is salted caramel flavour.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Feline Drama and Morning Walks

 Hello Felines.  It is Miss Emily.   Mom says I look a bit sad and stunned in this photo.   I say there is a very good reason for that!  I will briefly explain.  We have a cat scratcher/kitty lounger.  It belongs to me!  I laid claim to it and am often found relaxing there.
Until a few days ago....
 Winston kitty demanded that I abdicate my rightful place.   That bossy boy!  He swatted at me.  I swatted back.   He must have got in a lucky smack because....
 He got my nice warm spot.   That beast!
Anyway, Mom spent a lot of last week in the park.  Well, she spent a couple of hours there early in the morning.
 It is finally starting to look like fall.  This was Mom's favorite morning.  The sun was starting to shine through the mist.
 An overcast morning.   The Canadian geese flying overhead.
 Mom used her cell phone for this one.  She loved the way the raindrops sparkled on the grass.