Monday, May 22, 2017

Holiday Monday

 Hello.   Can you tell it's me?  Emily?  I'm doing my flirty upside down look.   You are supposed to be distracted by my cute face and not notice I'm on the table.
 Mom was happy to be able to visit a beautiful garden this past week!   Lots of lilacs, dogwood
and more lilacs!'s Winston investigating Mom's tea cup.   Mom has been going on lots of visits and walks this past week.  It wasn't all just cleaning on her time off.  Remember when we mentioned she keeps seeing other cats.  Well, it hasn't stopped.
 Mom said this kitty, who I think looks a bit grumpy, actually started meowing at her and wanted to be cuddled.   *sigh*
 Mom also saw these ducks on a recent walk to the park.  There were six ducklings all together.   Emily and I were very intrigued. 
 I'm going to close with one more flower photo.   We hope everyone had a nice weekend.  If you are a Canadian kitty, we wish you a nice Victoria Day.   Emily doesn't like Victoria Day.  The sound of the fire crackers frighten her!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May Staycation

 Hello.  It's Emily enjoying the view from the credenza in the dining room.   The Mom person is on vacation but I'm not sure she realizes that yet.   She has been cleaning up a storm.  Doesn't she know that when I am forced to move so she can do laundry or dust that I get stressed!
So, OK,  maybe she has done a couple of things on her vacation.  She went to see a movie on Sunday night.  It's a documentary about street cats living in Turkey, it's called Kedi.  

 Mom said it was interesting even though subtitles were a bit of a challenge.  She also said that it was sometimes hard for her to see the situation of the street cats.   The people who lived there took care of them with food, shelter etc but it was still a rough life for them.
Guess what else?  The Mom was able to buy a lemon scone at the theater!  The girl behind the concession stand even let her have a cup of tap water!  Kitties--I fear that my Mom may be prissy.
Who eats a scone during a movie!
 Anyway---I'll pass things on to Winston now!
Hi there!  Do you see this fabulous scratching post?   Our "grandmum" gave it to us.  Her kitty, Miss Pearl, used to like it but then lost interest.   Score for us!  We LOVE it!
Mom also went on a drive with some friends to a restaurant on Monday.
 The restaurant was about 40 minutes away through the most beautiful country side!
 Mom even saw horses!   She said May is one of the most beautiful months.
 The restaurant was very nice, too!  After that they went shopping for a good long while.  The Mom said she got to cross a lot of items from her shopping list.  Only guess what.....she was exhausted after.  She had fun visiting and shopping but she had to rest the entire day after!  Don't worry because Emily  and I took good care of her.
 The sunset on an evening walk.
 A beautiful Magnolia tree...they are starting to fad now.
Guess what else kitties?!  It's me.   Emily.
Mom did buy me a toy!  A tiny little gopher with a fuzzy tail!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Gerbils, Flirting and Wet Snow!

 Hello from Winston.  This is my grumpy good morning face.   This face lets Mom know she really needs to get up ...sooner rather than later!   Mom says I look adorable even when I have a grouchy face!
Emily and I are wishing a happy birthday to Spencer, who turned 18, just a bit ago.  Mom went to her friend's house for a visit.  Spencer was, apparently, very affectionate.....hmpf....
 He doesn't look 18 years old, does he?
 That cheeky senior gave our Mom head bops.....We will excuse this blatant feline affection only because it is his birthday.
 Guess what else what at the friend's house?   Gerbils!   The gray one is Chip and the black one is Scotty.   Emily and I wish that Mom would get us gerbil tv!
 Hi!  It's Emily now.  I'm snoopervsing in the dining room.   What would Mom do without me and my helpful guarding and watching....I shudder to think!
 We have had a lot of rain...three days of it.  Thankfully, we haven't had flooding.   Today for the first time...we had a beautiful blue sky and wet snow!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Winston the Toe Monster

 Hello! It's Winston.   This is a fuzzy photo of me, yes?!  Well, Mom seemed to think it is an incriminating photo because I'm near the end of the bed AND close to her toes.   Your toes are safe from me, Mom!   Really and truly they are safe (**cough, cough***) I would only protect your toes!
 So last week when last we touched base the Magnolia tree at the end of the street looked like the photo above!
 Mom said that, almost over night, they bloomed!   She is infatuated with spring blooms even though the season makes her sneeze when she walks by.  Speaking of walks...Mom has done it again.   Here is yet another kitty she met on of her walks.

 This kitty's name is Lucy.  Mom had a bit of a chat with the owner.   Lucy is almost thirteen years old.  
 Stop chatting with other felines!  Emily and I are getting a bit distressed about it.
 Another pretty backyard when she walked to the grocery store.
 Lots of rain.
 Raindrops on the window.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Quick Hello

 Hello! It's Emily all comfy cozy in the laundry basket.   I'm relaxed but Mom is busy with work.  She is on a six day work week.  Plus she is a bit under the weather.   Don't worry, though, as Winston and I have everything under control!
 Mom walked to the grocery store the other day.   There was a very gentle spring rain so all of the flowers sparkled!  The yellow tulip
 the pink magnolia
 Somebody's beautiful, tranquil front yard.
 What is this, Mom?!  ARE you looking at other cats!

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Nefarious Easter Bunny and Shoes

 Good morning from Winston!   We hope that everyone had a nice week!   Sending purrs.   Our Mom celebrated Easter.   She was very thankful to have the weekend off.   She did a fair amount of visiting.
 These Easter Eggs are handmade...though most certainly NOT by Mom.   One of Mom's co-workers hand painted them!
 Some very nice people had Mom over for a yummy dinner on Sunday.   They sent Mom home with some lovely Easter cookies!   Sparkles!
 Mom went for a very long walk on Friday.  Her pedometer said it was over 6 km.   She was tuckered out after.   With each passing day more flowers start to bloom!
 In other news....Emily says the Easter bunny broke into our home and created this mayhem with Mom's boots and shoes.
 Hi now from Emily!   That is me in the hall.  If you look to the lower right corner you can see Winston's furry kitty bum and tail!   Mom tried to blame me on pulling all of her boots, sandals and shoes across the hallway.   I even  That Easter bunny even dragged her boot to the living room end table.  It wouldn't be easy to drag a boot across the floor by just the shoe lace!  Enough about that nefarious bunny, though!  Are you enjoying the warmer weather?  Are there more sunbeams for you to snooze in?  Our Mom goes for more walks now!
 Did your people go for long walks?  Some of these photos are from yesterday when Mom and a friend took another walk after dinner.  These happy yellow flowers are daffodils.   She doesn't know the name of the tiny purple and blue flowers.
 A very big puddle in the middle of the woodlot.  Guess what?  There were even some ducks at these puddles.  
 More snowdrops.  Mom loves them.   She says they are starting to fade, though.